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See this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about a marathon reading of Milton’s Paradise Lost at St. Olaf College in Minnesota – a celebration of the author’s upcoming 400th birthday (December 9, 1608); there are other such plans at several colleges.  Not sure I could sit through such a day!

Legacy Libraries Project at Library Thing: “I See Dead People’s Books,” the cataloguing of famous people’s  libraries.  See the lists of those “completed” and those in process, and learn how to start your own project on your favorite author (I see none yet for Jane Austen but she is listed in the Proposed Libraries.)

fine-books-coverAnd is it true? and so very sad to hear that Fine Books & Collections will be going solely digital beginning January 2009. And so it, too, goes the way of Biblio.  See this link at Lux Mentis, Lux Orbis, with whom I heartily agree… I, too, “want” the hard copy of these journals on my shelf.  Why can we not sustain such a journal as this I wonder??