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*Old Scrolls Book Shop has posted on their website “The Beginner’s Guide to Book Collecting”


Gutenberg Bible

*”A new book Biblio by photographer Natasha D’Schommer, offers a rare close-up look at many of the exceptional books and manuscripts that belong to the Scheide Library, one of the most significant private book collections in the United States, which is housed in Princeton’s Firestone Library.   “Biblio” has more than 120 photographs of rare books, manuscripts and musical scores from the library, which is one of six libraries in the world — and the only one outside Europe — to possess original copies of all of the first four printed Bibles….”
[see the full article on the book at the Princeton University website]


*The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland will be hosting an exhibit, Romance of the Rose: Visions of Love in Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts, begining on January 24, 2009. “The exhibition features lavishly illuminated copies of The Romance of the Rose, a book-length poem written in Old French wherein the narrator enters a dream world and falls in love with a Rose, an allegorical representation of a young woman. During his pursuit, he instructs readers on the art of courtly love with frequent bawdy comments and surprising detours into alchemy and astronomy.  Dating from the 13th century, the poem was one of the most popular medieval literary texts, as illustrated by the Walters’ own copy of the Romance of the Rose as well as loans from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Morgan Library & Museum, the J. Paul Getty Museum and the University of Chicago.”   [See Artdaily.org for the complete article]

*The AE Monthly [Americana Exchange] has an article on the Top 500 at Auction for 2008.

*An article about the New Hampshire Works on Paper Fair scheduled for July 26, 2009  [see full article at the News-Antique.com site]:  CONCORD, NH – July 26, 2009:  “After a very successful series of Paper & Postcard Shows in 2008, Flamingo Eventz has decided to expand the concept and offer an all-inclusive series of shows that encompasses everything on or of paper! New Hampshire Works On Paper will feature Books, Paper, Postcards, Maps, Posters, Prints, Valentines, Magazines, and all things Paper & Ephemera. And, these shows will be presented in a rotating calendar in both the Nashua & Concord, NH Holiday Inns with a different mix of exhibitors at each – sort of a moveable paper feast, so as to offer book & ephemera enthusiasts two fabulous opportunities in two great locations! These fun shows present a totally new concept of shows in New England, and the early reaction has been enthusiastic throughout the book, ephemera & postcard community.”

 *The Science Books Webring “is dedicated to websites featuring books about real science or any of its subdivisions. Sites may also include books about technology subjects and some topics within the social sciences.”  For example, see this listing of books about birds and birdwatching (though all likns to books currently available liknk to Amazon…as always I suggest you first check with your local booksellers first…)

*PhiloBiblos has a “Looking Back” post on the year of thefts and other crimes relating to books ~ a tad depressing I’m afraid,  as is this:

To alert all antiquarian booksellers, etc, The Museum Security Network has posted a list of the books recently stolen from the Goeldi Museum in Para Brazil:  “includes 65 volumes of 40 titles from the 17th to the early 20th centuries, concentrating on thenatural history of tropical America, with emphasis on South America. The works include three separate works by Spix on Brazilian reptiles, frogs and bats, Meriaen on Suriname insects, Cramer on exotic tropical lepidoptera, and Piso on Brazilian plants, among other very rare and valuable works, both in-folios and books.”

*Bookseller.com had posted this short story by Cory Doctorow last June about the life of books and bookshops 150 years into the future [and thanks to Craig on the Biblio listserv for sharing this…]

And two new blogs lately discovered:

*The Bookshop Blog:  “…. created by Bruce K. Hollingdrake, owner of a successful Clicks & Bricks bookshop in Montreal. The blog exists for only one reason, to assist you in becoming a better bookseller. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just thinking about getting started you’ll find an abundance of information here. We are constantly adding new material from our fine group of writers…”

[and see his latest post on “Want to Open a Bookshop that is sure to fail?” at the  Bookshop blog ]

* The Bookmark blog by Laura:   “Lately I’ve picked up a new hobby — book collecting. I’ve read some books about book collecting, and spent the requisite hours prowling the aisles of cramped and musty used bookstores. And it occured to me — why not blog about it? So here it is: A blog about buying books, having books, and reading books. Pretty simple.”