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A few random tidbits for this week, all things books….

*article at Publisher’s Weekly summarizes the child safety act provisions regarding books, to include used books…

*Milne’s Pooh to have a sequel 80 years later.  See this article at BBC News

*A thoughtful essay on the value of books at the Bookshop Blog, i.e the value beyond the paper and ink and the bottom line that the internet tells you it’s worth, this is about the value of the words for any individual, written by a bookloving bookseller, the best kind!

*An article on a museum in Jefferson, Texas of all things Gone with the Wind:  see this article at Marshall News Messenger.com and the museum site at Scarlett O’Hardy’s.com

*Nicholas Basbanes on his blog with more about the book Hitler’s Library by Timothy W. Ryback.  See also this review at the NYTimes

*The Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) has posted a searchable catalog of its archival collections on the Internet, a major breakthrough that will help researchers easily sort out what types of materials the institute houses.  See the SHI blog for more information; the collections can be searched at the SHI website

*Rare Book Review posts a review of John Sutherland’s two latest books, both on the joys of books and how his readings shaped his life:  Magic Moments and Curisoities of Literature.  See also the link to the Magic Moments site where Sutherland creates visual and audio links to the book’s references.

*And finally: