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This year marks the quadricentennial [400th!] celebration of Samuel de Champlain’s “founding” and naming of the Lake that bears his name.  2009 will see many festivities and exhibits about Lake Champlain at area art galleries, theaters, museums, and libraries ~ indeed they started on New Year’s Eve at the First Night in Burlington Vermont! ~ for more information on some of these scheduled events, please visit the

Lake Champlain 400 sitelake-champlain-400

Lake Champlain figures prominently in the history of Vermont and the history of the early republic of young America during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.  It makes fascinating reading and there are many books on the subject.  I outline a few of them here, a small selection of what is available for purchase at my bookshop Bygone Books [please visit my website where you will find more information about each book]:

Some history:

*Beach, Allen Penfield.  Lake Champlain as Centuries Pass.  Lane Press, 1959.  $12.

*Bird, Harrison.  Navies in the Mountains:  Battles on the Waters of Lake Champlain and Lake George, 1609-1814.  Oxford U Press, 1962.  $40.;  Signed, $50.

*Cone, Gertrude.  A Selective bibliography of publications on the Champlain Valley.  The New York-Vermont Interstate Commission on the Lake Champlain Basin, 1959.  $25.

*Copeland, Fred.  Lake Champlain:  a guide and story handbook.  Tuttle, 1958.  $20.

*Crockett, Walter Hill.  A History of Lake Champlain: a record of more than three centuries, 1609-1936.   Burlington, VT, circa 1937.  $25.

*Hill, Ralph Nading.  Lake Champlain:  Key to Liberty.  Countryman Press, 1977.  $30.

*Hill, Ralph Nading.  The Voyages of Brian Seaworthy: an historical adventure on Lake Champlain. Vermont Life Magazine, 1971.  Signed, $20.  [a young adult story]

*Murray, W.H.H.  Lake Champlain and its Shores.  Boston:  De Wolfe, Fiske, 1890.  $35.

*Ross, Ogden.  The Steamboats of Lake Champlain, 1809-1930.  Vermont Heritage Press, 1997.  $55.

*Versteeg, Jennie G., editor.  Lake Champlain: reflections on our past.   University of Vermont, 1987.  $20.


[Image from the Brassier map on the website of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum]

A few works on previous centennial celebrations:

*350th Anniversary Celebration Report, 1609-1959.  New York-Vermont Interstate Commission on the Lake Champlain Basin, 1960.  $20.

*Bailey, Horace W.  Historical Booklet of the Discovery of Lake Champlain.  Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission of Vermont, 1909.  [prepared for schools]  $9.50

*Hill, Henry Wayland.  The Champlain Tercentenary [ 1909 ]: first report of the New York Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission.  2nd edition.  Albany, 1913.  $25.

*Report of the New York-Vermont Interstate Commission on the Lake Champlain Basin.  State of Vermont, 1962.  $40.

*The Tercentenary Celebration of the Discovery of Lake Champlain and Vermont: a report to the general Assembly of the State of Vermont.  Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission of Vermont, 1910.  $65. 


Lake Champlain - Burlington VT

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