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Daily Snippet #4: Page 134 / 100 Words

Edith Wharton, and Ogden Codman, Jr. The Decoration of Houses. Rev. ed. Norton / Classical America, 1998, c1997. Originally published in 1897.

Alas! Page 134 is a full-page illustration!
Painted Wall-Panel and Door, Château of Chantilly, Louis XV.


So 100 words from page 135…

“The lit de repose, which, except in France, has been replaced by the clumsy upholstered lounge, was one of the most useful pieces of eighteenth-century furniture. As its name implies, it is shaped somewhat like a bed, or rather like a cradle that stands on four legs instead of swinging. It is made of carved wood, sometimes upholstered, but often seated with cane. In the latter case it is fitted with a mattress and with a pillow-like cushion covered with some material in keeping with the hangings of the rooms. Sometimes the duchesse, or upholstered bergère with removable foot-rest in ….”

And a picture for your convenience:

Lit de Repos. Early Louis XV period.

[Furniture images are from the Project Gutenberg edition of The Decoration of Houses]

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