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Daily Snippet #13: Page 134 / 100 Words

Anna Quindlen. Imagined London: A Tour of the World’s Greatest Fictional City. Washington, DC: National Geographic, 2004.

“Even the novelists passed judgment harshly. Reading Trollope’s two great series of novels, one set largely in town, the other in the country, it is manifest that the folks of the Barsetshire chronicles are less hard, cold, and calculating that those we meet in London in the company of the Pallisers. Like the Mitford father, the aged country gentry eschew the city unless absolutely necessary. Sir Alured Wharton may be a baronet, but one ‘not pretending to the luxury of a season in London for which his modest three or four thousand a year did not suffice.’ Trollope adds, ‘Once….”


[London photos by D Barnum]

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