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Daily Snippet #23: Page 134 / 100 Words

Frank Staff. The Penny Post 1680-1918. Cambridge: Lutterworth Press, 1964 [Paper ed. 1992]

”     A few weeks later, on April 28 [1893], a debate on Imperial Penny Postage took place in Parliament, when a resolution was moved advocating the transmission of all letters from England to all parts of the British Empire for one penny per half-ounce letter. The whole question of an Imperial penny rate was thoroughly explored, and among conclusions reached was one that would be unfair for the tax-payer to be compelled to bear a loss for the benefit of a limited class. Mr. Gladstone, who took part in the debate, said that her Majesty’s Government had no desire to refuse the….


                Frontispiece: John Leech “One Penny Trip”

Royal Mail Post Office Regulations handbill giving details of the Uniform Penny Post, dated January 7, 1840 – Wikipedia

Wow! Wouldn’t a Penny Post today be the thing!

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