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Daily Snippet #25: Page 134 / 100 Words

Thomas Bulfinch. The Legends of Charlemagne. Illustrated by N. C. Wyeth. Cosmopolitan Book Corporation, 1924.

“The hermit’s plan was to escort his charge to a monastery, not many days’ journey distant, where Isabella resolved to spend the remainder of her days. Thus they traveled day after day, choosing the most retired ways, for the country was full of armed men. One day a cavalier met them, and barred their way. It was no other than Rodomont, King of Algiers, who had just left the camp of the Agramant, full of indignation at the treatment he had received from Doralice. At sight of the lovely lady and her reverend attendant, with their horse laden with a…”


The Sea-Serpent and Angelica, facing p 98


N. C. Wyeth in his studio, c. 1903 [Wikipedia]

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