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Weekly Snippet #30: Page 134 / 100 Words

John Ashton. The History of Gambling in England. New York: Burt Franklin, 1968. Originally published in London, 1898.

Chapter IX: Hells in the Quadrant, 1833

May 9th: “Three prisoners, out of six, answered to the indictment of keeping and maintaining a common gaming-house, and pleaded guilty. The prosecuting counsel, Mr Clarkson, said that the house in question was situate No. 4 Regent’s Circus, six doors from the house which was lately prosecuted. He should have been able to prove that on February the 7th, 9th, 12th, and 14th last, the games of rouge et noir and roulette were played for sums varying from one sovereign to one shilling. He should also have proved that on some one, or on all those occasions, the defendants acted [in the capacities of doorkeeper, banker, and waiter…]”


“The Interior of Modern Hell” – Robert Cruikshank, printmaker. London, 1824.
Lewis Walpole Library [click to enlarge].

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