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Weekly Snippet #31: Page 134 / 100 Words

Wilkie Collins. The Dead Secret. New York: Dover, 1979.

Originally published serially in Household Words, 3 January – 13 June 1857; Harper’s Weekly, 24 January – 27 June 1857; and in Littell’s Living Age (Boston), 28 February – 18 July 1857. First published in book form by Bradbury & Evans, London, 1857.


Book III, Ch. V: A Counsel of Three

“‘When you go to Porthgenna, keep out of the Myrtle Room,’” repeated Mr. Frankland, thoughtfully. “Those are very strange words, Rosamond. Who can this woman really be? She is a perfect stranger to both of us; we are brought into contact with her by the merest accident; and we find that she knows something about our own house of which we were both perfectly ignorant until she chose to speak!”

“But the warning, Lenny – the warning, so pointedly and mysteriously addressed to me? Oh, if I could only go to sleep at once, and not wake again till the doctor…!”

“and toward the opening thus made Sarah now advanced.”


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