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Weekly Snippet #32: Page 134 / 100 Words

Carl Holliday. Woman’s Life in Colonial Days. Williamstown, MA: Corner House Publishers, 1968. Originally published in 1922.


Chapter III: Colonial Women and the Home. Part IX, Tributes to Colonial Mothers.

“And, furthermore, from such tributes we may justly infer that women of the type of Jane Turell, Eliza Pinckney, Abigail Adams, Margaret Winthrop, and Martha Washington were wives and mothers who, above all else, possessed womanly dignity, loved their homes, yet sacrificed much of this beloved home life for the welfare of the public, were “virtuous, pious, modest, and womanly,” built homes wherein were peace, gentleness, and love, havens indeed for their famous husbands, who in times of great national woes could cast aside the burdens of public life, and retire to the rest so deserved. As the author of Catherine Schuyler…”

Isaac Royall and his family, 1741 portrait by Robert Feke: Women in colonial America typically held the role of housewife and were responsible for domestic chores and child rearing. https://royallhouse.org/the-royalls/


You can read the entire book online here: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/15488/15488-h/15488-h.htm

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Also available in this Dover reprint.

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