1 thought on “Book Reviews”

  1. Kaitlyn Kennedy said:

    Dear Bygone Books,

    My name is Kaitlyn and I currently work in publicity at New American Library, and I am writing to see if you’d be interested in receiving a newly published book that I think would be a great review for your blog. This mesmerizing novel entitled SIGNORA DA VINCI imagines the life of Leonardo da Vinci’s mother in Renaissance Italy and is written by acclaimed historical fiction author, Robin Maxwell. In this, her seventh novel, the author found clues to the personality of Caterina da Vinci by studying the voluminous works of her son.

    SIGNORA DA VINCI is unique, as no book before it has ever delved into what must have been Da Vinci’s painful childhood, and his ascent to greatness in the glorious explosion of art, culture and philosophy that was fifteenth century Florence.

    Robin hopes to go on a blog tour soon and is available for an interview or Q & A session, which I would love to help coordinate. If you are interested in book give-aways, please let me know!

    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.

    All the best,

    Kaitlyn Kennedy

    Publicity Assistant| Berkley/NAL, Penguin Group USA

    375 Hudson St, 5th floor | New York City | 10014

    212.366.2461 | Kaitlyn.Kennedy@us.penguingroup.com


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