About Us

Bygone Books has been a bookshop in Burlington,Vermont since 1978. Originally started by five women (Priscilla Welsh, Sallie Soule, Barbara Wadhams, Betty Van Buren, and Jane Tormey), the shop was purchased in 1997 by Deborah Barnum. The bricks & mortar shop was closed in 2003 and has continued as a closed shop of fine used and collectible books with specialties in Women’s Literature / Women’s Studies; Domestic Arts (Cookery, Gardening, etc.); Decorative Arts; Great Britain; Books about Books; Children’s Literature; and Vermontiana.

If you are looking for a specific title, please call, as we offer search services and maintain want-lists. We also actively buy in our specialty areas, either single books or larger collections, so please call to make an appointment.

email:  books at bygonebooksvermont dot com


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Priscilla Welsh said:

    After coming across your website this afternoon, I just had to drop you a line! First of all, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the name of one of your shop owners!

    I am a bibliophile–a delighted victim of The Gentle Madness (as described by Nicholas Basbanes)! Although I don’t sell books (except a few each week online), I do have a home library of some 9,000 volumes, half of which are children’s books. My single largest adult collection is Great Britain (approximately 700 books) and much smaller categories include women’s literature, domestic arts, women’s history and studies, and gardening! Quite the coincidences, don’t you think?! (My other large categories are vintage travelogues, vintage novels, the Holocaust, Russian decorative arts, World War II (especially the home front), and art and architecture.)

    I’m so sorry your shop is no longer operational, but I’m very pleased to make the acquaintance of new book friends. I look forward to reading your past blogs and postings. The next time we’re traveling up Rt. 7, I’ll be sure to drop into the Champlain Antique Center–it’s not a place I’m familiar with although I used to frequent Kenney Bros.

    Priscilla A. Welsh, East Greenwich, RI


    • Hello Priscilla! pardon delay in responding – life gets in the way of blogging and have not done much here these past few months, nor on my other blog [ http://janeausteninvermont.wordpress.com ]. Very funny about your name – Priscilla was a great a lady and started the shop with 4 other friends – I bought it from them years ago – and yes, we seem to have many mutual interests in books! can one ever have enough? Do you sell online through a particular site or on ebay? Another coincidence – we bought our dog [a apringer spaniel] from a women in East Greenwich RI about 5 years ago!
      Thanks for visiting – always glad to make a new book friend!


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